Newport Beach Indy: Council Race, Round 2 For Local Fight Promoter, PB&R Commissioner

Newport Beach Indy: Council Race, Round 2 For Local Fight Promoter, PB&R Commissioner

By Sara Hall, (Newport Beach Indy), January 19, 2018

“Time for round two.

Fight promoter and Newport Beach Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Commissioner Roy Englebrecht announced Monday that he would again run for City Council.

Englebrecht ran in 2014, but lost to Kevin Muldoon to represent district 4, which covers Eastbluff, One Ford Road, Bonita Canyon, and Baypointe.

In the city’s only three-way race that year, Muldoon came out on top with 50.4 percent, businessman and former Planning Commissioner Tim Brown followed with 37.1 percent, and Englebrecht ended with 12.5 percent of the votes.

The longtime Newport Beach resident said it was “pretty simple” why he decided to run again: To tackle the city’s toughest issue – unfunded pension liabilities.

“If we don’t address the current unfunded liabilities and health benefits that is reaching nearly $400 million dollars…. and if we don’t seriously tackle current city pension and health benefits reforms, the city of Newport Beach will be in serious financial trouble in the not so distance future,” Englebrecht said in a prepared statement. “Someone must finally say, enough is enough.”

This issue is the “elephant in the room,” Englebrecht noted in his announcement. He wants to be part of the council that addresses pension reform in a “meaningful way.”

Other serious concerns of his include increased development in the community, traffic, airport issues, election reform, and “the circumventing of our General Plan.”

“I will work tirelessly to address all these issues, but the first agenda item after the November 2018 election must be pension reform,” Englebrecht noted…”

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