Boxing Promoter Enters Politics Boxing Promoter Enters Politics

By Staff, (, January 22, 2018

“Long time boxing promoter and Newport Beach resident Roy Englebrecht announced…that he will seek the District 4 council seat currently held by Kevin Muldoon in the November 2018 election.

“It is pretty simple why I have decided to once again run for Newport Beach City Council in the 2018 election. If we don’t address the current unfunded liabilities and health benefits that is reaching nearly $400 million dollars…. and if we don’t seriously tackle current city pension and health benefits reforms, the City of Newport Beach will be in serious financial trouble in the not so distance future. When the current city manager of Newport Beach Dave Kiff says in a newspaper interview that “the only thing that keeps me awake at night is the city’s unfunded liabilities” you know we have a problem. Without a doubt this is really “the elephant in the room” and don’t let the current council or city staff tell you anything different! Someone must finally say, enough is enough! Someone must try to put a majority of four council members together to address pension reform in a meaningful way; and with the support of residents of Newport Beach I hope to be that person.”

“Sure, the increased development in our community and the circumventing of our General Plan is a serious concern…..increased city traffic is a concern…..airport issues are a concern…..election reform is a concern, and I will work tirelessly to address all these issues, but the first agenda item after the November 2018 election must be pension reform!

Englebrecht ran for the District 4 seat in the 2014 election and in an unconventional campaign with no fundraising, no advertising, no mailers, and no campaign signs received 2,882 votes, losing to Kevin Muldoon and Tim Brown.

“As I said in 2014 I don’t complain I compete, so I will aggressively compete in 2018 and unlike my 2014 campaign I am now asking the Newport Beach community to back my campaign with their contributions, prayers, and support, so that we can return our city council to the people of our community… “

“As I understand it, government is for the people and by the people, and not for special interest groups, large donors, and city unions which unfortunately are taking our city government and our city finances in the wrong direction.”

“Now that I have sold my business I will be pretty much be unencumbered by the election, so I can guarantee city residents that I will be one of the few “full time” council members so that critical issues can be addressed in a timely fashion.”

Englebrecht is one of California’s busiest fight promoters and the promoter of the highly successful Fight Club OC shows held six times a year in The Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center. He also promotes the Coliseum Gladiator MMA Championship Series at the LA Coliseum, the Rumble On The Water MMA series at the Queen Mary, and SummerFist MMA shows during the OC Fair and the San Diego County Fair. In a full disclosure, Englebrecht had his promoter’s license suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 2015 for allegedly forging a fighter’s application. Englebrecht denied this charge completely and was supported by nearly all fight promoters in the country. Plus, the California State Athletic Commission also did not accept Nevada’s finding and kept Englebrecht’s license in good standing allowing him to promote nearly 18 shows a year.

Englebrecht has lived in Newport Beach for over 30 years and he currently on the City’s Park, Beaches, and Recreation Commission. His wife Nancy was a realtor in Newport Beach for 30 years and their two children Allison and Drew are both graduates of Corona Del Mar High School….”

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