Keep Newport Beach Great!

    With a concern that the City of Newport Beach is heading in the wrong direction, 2018 city council candidate Roy Englebrecht announced today his new campaign slogan and new logo…. ‘Keep Newport Beach Great!’

    “No one argues that Newport Beach is a great city, perhaps one of the 100 greatest cities in the USA,” Englebrecht said. “But with decisions that seem to find curious exceptions in our General Plan to skirt certain guidelines, the city continues to give away the our billion-dollar views and pretty much gets nothing in return. If this issue is not addressed now, Newport Beach could turn into an urban city and Newport Beach would lose its greatness.”

    “Plus having our City Council’s just rollover our tremendous debt of unfunded liabilities year after year letting the next city council get caught with it is just wrong. If not addressed and solved now, we could eventually see 25% of our General Fund going to paying this debt which would rob the city of basic services and jeopardize Newport Beach’s greatness.”

    “That is why the slogan, ‘Keep Newport Beach Great!’ really resonated with me and I am sure it does with a lot of residents of Newport Beach who enjoy and want to continue to enjoy the greatness of our city for many years to come.”

    Roy Englebrecht – 2018 Newport Beach City Council Candidate